NINTE Universal  - CLASSIC BLACK - Car Headlight Eyelashes - NINTE
NINTE Universal  - CLASSIC BLACK - Car Headlight Eyelashes - NINTE
NINTE Universal  - CLASSIC BLACK - Car Headlight Eyelashes - NINTE
NINTE Universal  - CLASSIC BLACK - Car Headlight Eyelashes - NINTE
NINTE Universal  - CLASSIC BLACK - Car Headlight Eyelashes - NINTE

NINTE Universal - CLASSIC BLACK - Car Headlight Eyelashes

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NINTE Universal  - CLASSIC BLACK - Car Headlight Eyelashes

This item is a Brand NINTE Car Headlight Eyelashes Fir For All Car models 

Brand:   NINTE
Color: Black
Fitment: UNIVERSAL STYLE(Fit For All Car Models)
Condition: 100% Brand New Unused (Quality checked before shipping out)
Effect: Ombre
Package: 2 lashes, 1 for each headlight
length: 9"
Size: 12"
False Eyelash Set
Material: PVC


Universal Car Headlight Eyelashes will fit any car. They may require specific installation adjustments to fit your vehicle. Please read the instructions carefully to make sure you are installing your Car Headlight Eyelashes properly. For example, on some vehicles, like VW New Beetles, you should bend up each lash at it's base so that the lashes stick straight out and away from the vehicle and do not block the headlight beam.


Step 1:Use appropriate tools (pens) to hold eyelashes one by one and roll them up with even force 
Step 2:Clean the surface which the item is to be applied, insure dry and free of all oil, greasa and wax.
Step 3:Heating 3M double-sided automatic tape
Step 4:Remove protective film from adhesive, align carefully and then press firmly to insure proper adhesion.
Step 5:Do not move the item or wash your car within 24 hours after installation.
Step 6:It is recommended that the speed should not exceed 80 km/h after installation.

Note : Technical specification installation. There are 3M double-sided automatic tape

on the back of the article.Waterproof, non-fading, non-rusting, do not affect car washing

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